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tv   Politics Now  CBS  November 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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. i was in the situation room monitoring what our brave men were doing to make it clear that we don't let anybody attack us. tonight on politics now in a return trip to las vegas, hillary clinton attacks donald trump over national paints a bleak picture of a trump presidency. it's a rigged system and we're going to beat it. we're going to beat it. >> donald trump also makes a return trip to nevada ahead of election day. this time in reno. what he had to say about polls staying open for early voting in clark county. we'll break down the numbers. when it means for the down ticket races. >> announcer: from 8 news now,
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. >> here we go. the election just two days away now. a record number of people have already early voted in nevada. >> friday night at the cardenas market, the line stretched around the building well after the polls were scheduled to close. it was estimated more than 1,000 people in a largely hispanic neighborhood were still in line. it was one of several that stayed open late so everyone could vote. clark county says it's allowed under state law. >> let's dig in to those early voting numbers. more than 769,000. two away from 770,000. ballots have been cast already. 224,000 of those were registered democrats. democrats about a 45,000 vote lead state wide.
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democratic lead is more pronounced. democrats are ahead of republicans by more than 72,000 votes. that's similar to the numbers in 2012 when barack obama won the state by seven points. >> let's first point out that democrats tend to vote early. republicans tend to wait until election day to do so. but that big lead in clark county i think would mean an uphill battle for republicans. >> yeah. absolutely. i should say i am a traditionalist because well i vote with republicans on election day. the early returns on election night will look really good for jackie rosen. >> about 20% of that vote that we talked about are independence. will there be a big enough swing to swing nationally for donald trump. >> that would be a lot.
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2012. trump would need an overwhelming number of independents in nevada. that doesn't seem that it's likely to happen. >> trump rushed off the stage at one point by secret service. >> a scuffle broke out in the audience. one man was detained. witnesses say a protestor tried to put up a sign. and someone else yelled the word trump returned to the stage to thank the secret service. he went on to speak about those lines staying open. >> certain key democratic polling locations in clark county were kept open for hours and hours beyond closing time to bus and bring democratic voters in. folks, it's a rigged system. it's a rigged system. and we're going to beat it.
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>> state party gop chairman michael mc donald also blasted clark county for leaving the polls open. saying they did it "so a certain group could vote." saying he doesn't need help to fill in an arena >> we didn't bring any so-called stars along. we didn't need them. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, the reason hillary has to for her. she can't fill a room. we can get stars. we don't need them because we just want to make america great again. and we know what to do. right? we don't need that. that's almost like a form of cheating, right? >> well steve, i think the question now for donald trump,
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the independents would have to be a landslide. >> it would take just an overwhelming voter turnout on election day. one that breaks radically with the last two election cycles: 2008, 2012. he'd also have to win independents by a really, really large margin in order to overcome what the democrats established a firewall so far. >> we'll address that in the show as well. does that keep people from getting out? >> just for the sake of argument, if trump loses, he can use that explanation to basically say well that's why i lost. someone with my winning temperament, who always wins
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in a way he's casting doubt in the legitimacy of his own election because the system is rigged. well you can't have it both ways. it's either rigged or it's not. hint, it's not. . >> on the day that we brought osama bin laden to justice, what our brave men were doing to make it clear that we don't let anybody attack us. it may take a while but we will keep going after them. donald trump was hosting celebrity apprentice. >> clinton went on to urge the crowd to imagine a world where donald trump is president. incited comments that
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joined on stage. >> we were on the debate stage right here in las vegas for the last debate. [ cheers and applause ] >> and we were asked if we would respect the outcome of the election. i will. he refused to say he would. >> steve, is this turning in to a doomsday campaign? apocalyptic things if the other side wins. >> i think it's interesting that clinton's comments came just after she said she wanted to be a candidate the people vote for and not just someone whom people settle for because they're voting against the other person. she went and listed all these terrible things that donald trump would bring about if he was elected. you know, it's probably not surprising given that we have
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country. this campaign has resulted in a lot of negativity. >> we've seen hillary bringing out the big name surrogates. bernie sanders just the latest high profile one was here today. especially with millennials, i would think that having bernie come to town would help early voting turnout. >> absolutely. if you're a fan of president obama, if you're a fan of senator sanders, if you're a fan of any of the entertainers that hillary clinton brings out, i think you do go out you probably are motivated to early vote. especially when they come during that early voting period of time. and you could literally leave the rally and go that day or the next day to an early voting location and cast your ballot. >> where have the republicans been with the big surrogates? where have they been?
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gingrich and rudy giuliani. i think trump thinks he is the biggest celebrity from his own shows. so he doesn't need somebody else to fill the arena because he can do it himself with his own celebrity. maybe that explains why he hasn't brought out a lot of people. >> we'll see if the down ballot ticket, if they'll be gaining because they haven't had we've commissioned another poll this week of 600 likely voters. we do want to take a look at that poll by jmc analytics. let's take a look first. the presidential horse race. we are showing this as a dead heat in nevada so far. tied at 45%. clinton had a 10% vote over trump. those who said they're likely to
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>> has a slight two point lead over republican joe heck. but that's within the margin of error. cortez masto had a 52 to 40% lead. not quite as large as clintons. heck got a four point lead, 44 to 40%. also smaller than trump's projected advantage on tuesday. we're going to talk a little more about that senate race, specifically with face the ti
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000 nevadans for access to basic health servicesd and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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welcome back to "politics now." >> welcome back. the presidential race certainly not the only one on the ballot. of course we're talking about suring up the senate. i had a chance to speak with
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dickerson about that topic earlier this week. >> of course we have a lot of talk about the presidential race, but also we can't forget about the senate race. let's talk a little bit about balance and power just from your feeling and the polls we've seen. where are we at right now? >> it's tight in terms of balance and control of the senate. that's one of the things we'll be watching on election night. there's a period in the third debate when we were all out there and democrats were good about being able to regain control of the senate. i think it's right on the night's edge in terms of whether those incumbent republicans are going to be able to survive. >> when you talk about the senate race, a lot of eyes are on the nevada senate race. from the national perspective is it as big as we make it out to be in nevada? >> sure. it helps them fight back the
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there are a lot of places where purple states, nevada is one of them, purple states where they have -- nevada is not one of them in this one, which is purple states where they have incumbents. florida, ohio, all states where there are tough races in tough environments. >> you know, some 25 million people have what is that -- can we gain any glimpse as to what's going to happen this election in early voters nationwide? >> no. i mean, because what's happened -- it's hard to tell. in some states where you have different kinds of turnout, in florida and north carolina, the voting rules are different this time around than they were last time for absentee voting. some of the african american
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democrats. except for the fact that 19 polling places didn't come online. particularly in african american districts. it may be that the vote comes in later because african americans couldn't vote. in florida, there have also been changes. it's hard to tell. the campaign in places like colorado, where it's all mail-in ballots. with the targeting they have, the campaigns feel like in colorado and nevada this weekend, we may see some bets made off the record about whether they think they're going to lock it in. i know the clinton folks were feeling good about the way things were going in colorado
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weekend. >> john dickerson will be providing analyses. >> and face the nation every sunday morning at 8:30. coming up, a serious accusation. senator harry reid accusing the director have violating the hatch act. and more high profile surrogates in town. we'll tell you who was here for your vote for their candidate. dplsh i'm catherine cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics
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e. i know that, working together, we can make progress. as attorney general, i brought democrats and republicans together to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. i approve this message because in washington,
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nevada senator harry reid waded back into the presidential race recently. . wellhe nevada senator harry reid waded back in, he accused fbi director james comey for violating the hatch act. the hatch act of course prohibits government employees from using their office to interfere with an election. that's a much different tune
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back in july. >> there was an extent investigation by the fbi under the direction by a wonderful and tough career public servient, jim comey. >> this is a great man. we are very privileged in the country to have him director of the fbi. >> no one can question the integrity. >> reid ended his letter with a rather stinging rebuke. "please keep in mind that i have been a supporter of yours phillibustered and delayed. i led the fight to get you confirmed. because i believed you to be a principle public servant. but the deepest regret, i now see that i was wrong. one said comey was acting well within his authority.
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letter to congress saying the fbi had no changed its conclusion from july that no charges would be filed against clinton. we go over the big local stories that happened this week. it was a busy one. former president bill clinton back in town campaigning with his wife with celebrity dj steve aoki. is in their hands. >> i want you to claim your future. i want you to finish this election strong. i want you to see every friend you've got. and don't let anybody sit on the sideline. donald trump jr. was in las vegas campaigning with nut gingrich. send the message to washington d.c. that enough is enough. >> we're fed up with the lies. we're fed up with the deceit.
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cartel in dc. we're going to show them that we mean business and that it's time to drain the swamp. >> trump jr. went on to call clinton the most corrupt candidate in history not on the final day with the long lines. but she used the opportunity to bash her opponent joe heck's refusal to say who he's voting for. >> he really is desperat. political career based on how well donald trump is doing at the time. and i think people will decide for themselves. >> heck was questioned about his support for trump this week after he said hillary clinton is disqualified for being commander in chief because she failed to protect classified information. although heck insists his position asked via email for whom heck
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heck said he could no longer support trump when an audio recording was released about trump talking about groping women. are just going to hold their noses and vote for heck anyway? >> i think some of them will. some of them will come home on that vote. heck's advertising has tried to tie cortez there are some people who are very upset by it. i think that blowback is still going to be a factor in the race. all right. you have heard the candidates complain about how this election is rigged. so we want to know is it even possible? we score that possibility and just how it would be to pull it
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with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes, losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, then sticking taxpayers with the bill -- imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull in washington. it's why we can't afford tarkanian in congress, ever. doctor brian calfano... a missouri state university we've heard donald trump repeatedly say that the election
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>> donald trump is telling supporters he's worried the presidential election will be rigged to give hillary clinton the win. but the republican nominee and his supporter should take heart that is almost impossible in a country where the elections are run by 51 separate entities. consider this: the president is elected by states and washington d.c. each state has its own rules for how and when a person votes. the nation's 3200 county clerks are responsible for maintaining accurate voter polls. meanwhile, secretaries of state in each state must then certify the results. the point is not that efforts to cheat don't happen, it's that for trump's conspiracy theory to
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help of americans, many of whom are republicans, but which state would be the swing state that puts the electoral college over the threshold. there have been only 31 it seems that trump's concern is misplaced. >> that was brian calfano from so will voters accept the results? three in four voters said they would probably accept it as legitimate, even if their preferred candidate is not the winner. we're talking about, you guessed it, election night. we'll be updating all of the races online. the election team will be covering the race, including from right here in las vegas
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we of course will be updating every 30 minutes and up to the second updates online. after the election, friday will be the key day to watch. that's because the way the recounts work in nevada, candidate who is defeated has to call for a recount within three days of when the race is certified. there is no automatic trigger. that may be the drop bid date for any potential recount request. we're anticipating some of these races will be close. you never know. we couldea that. >> yeah. no. it's happened before. don't forget 1998, harry reid, john enson, 428 votes separated them. and that was after the recount. it was slightly larger before the recount. >> thanks for watching politics now. you can email. and don't forget to vote if you haven't already. >> we are your local election headquarters all the way through the election. we'll see you next time.
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ioning sponsored by cbs . >> quijano: breaking news on the clinton email investigation hillary clinton is cleared by the fbi following a review of recently discovered emails. how will it shake up the race with 48 hours to go? also tonight, the view of the u.s. election from mexico. that a trump victory could lead to an economic shock. >> quijano: election 101 turning a bitter campaign of uncivil discourse into a teaching moment. >> there is no topic that is off limits. >> none. >> word from washington is-- . >> quijano: and election night 1952, a ground-breaking event for broadcast journalism and a triumph for cbs broadcasting legend. >> no state has been decided yet.


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